May 20th, 2010


My favorite author

10. Token of Darkness Amelia Atwater-Rhodes ToD Cover

Summary: Cooper Blake woke up from a terrible accident in a hospital bed and the only person around him was a girl named Samantha. It turned out that he was the only one able to see Samantha. Now, unsure if she's here to haunt him forever or if she's out to kill him, Cooper needs to find a way to help Samantha out. They start by looking into getting her a body. But when shadows and Cooper's own abilities start to affect them and the people around them, he is left to wonder if she really was human at one time and if she is harmless.

Review: Pretty decent. Then again, I am very biased. I love AAR as an author. Her books are pretty short so sometimes the story doesn't always feel well developed or it can feel rushed but it's always an interesting story. This one was different than her others, dealing more with ghosts and stronger magics than vampires and hunters or even shapeshifters. I did feel like it was a mix of a rushed storyline and that there could have been a lot more to it than what was given. But as a story on it's own, I did enjoy it.

Lazy post! 13 - 21

13. “Dr. Ragab’s Universal language” by Robert Twigger
14. “Screen Burn” by Charlie Brooker
15. “Kick-Ass” by Miller/Romita
16. “The Star’s Tennis balls” by Stephen Fry
17. “Plum Pie” by P.G. Wodehouse
18. “Angels in my hair” by Lorna Byrne
19. “Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman” by Haruki Murakami
20. “The Wit of Churchill”. Ed. Richard M Langworth
21. “Cancertown” by Dethan/Downey
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Book #29 -- Laurence Yep, City of Fire (City Trilogy), 311 pages.

Another one of those annoying books that happen to be the first in a trilogy that means I managed to take one book off my to-read list only to add two more to it. Very fun, great blending of modern and magical from a variety of cultures.

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2010 Book List

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