August 11th, 2010

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I just finished King, Ship, and Sword, a nautical adventure by Dewey Lambdin, yet another in a series. It starts with the Peace of Amiens breaking out, leading to the protagonist ending up at home, in those conflicts with his spouse, and later the book deals with him meeting Napoleon with adventures to follow. Not the best in the series, but a sufficient page-turner to keep me interested.

#1-#5 Paullina Simons

Date started challenge & book #1: 10th July 2010

#1- #3 The Bronze Horseman Trilogy (The Bronze Horseman, The Bridge to Holy Cross, The Summer Garden)
Paullina Simons
Genre: Historical romance- WWII
Pages: 637                                        

This is definitely the best historical romance I've read, and I have read quite a few. Paullina Simons is clearly a very talented author, and in the series what amazes me is the connection I have with the characters and just how real they seem. What Paullina Simons use well in her novels it how she embeds the main theme in every corner. In this series, the theme is love. Alongside of love, there is the human spirit and human strength that sustains (especially in The Bronze Horseman) the main characters and those surrounding them....

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#4- The Girl in Times Square
Paullina Simons

Pages: 608

Though in my opinion this The Bronze Horseman is a better work than The Girl in Times Square, this book by itself is wonderful. I was a bit hesitant about picking it up and the beginning is a bit slow, but as I read into it I found it unable to be put down. Lily (the main character)'s journey and her battle brings back the strength of the human spirit theme Paullina Simons used so well in The Bronze Horseman. It is her strength, her spirit and her hope that sustains the story that makes it such an emotional journey for the reader...

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#5- Tully
Paullina Simons

Pages: 656

This is definitely a must read. It just amazes me how much emotions and spirit can be in a novel. Like all Paullina Simons's novels, this is one about life, real life, and choices that we face, as a teenager, a young woman, an adult and a mother. The main character is extremely flawed, and some of her actions makes me hate her at some stages, but that is what makes the book so real and the emotions so true...

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11/8/10 (week 5): 5/50