February 17th, 2011

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I was able to finish another book, yesterday, that being The Templar by P. C. Doherty. I've read a lot of the author's works, and he's generally very good at setting the scene, and good at setting up a mystery, but not as good at defining his characters. In this one, the milieu is well-laid-out, but the mystery is nearly ignored, and the characters are nearly interchangeable. Not horrible, not his best.

Oh, and it's about the First Crusade, and the assault on Jerusalem.
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Hi all,

So I've just recently joined Goodreads (as in yesterday!) so I thought I'd just put the word out for anyone to add me if they so feel the desire (you can find me here -> http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/4987429-tara-van-beurden). Also, as I'm new to the site, if anyone has any advice, it'd be much appreciated!

And don't worry, 50bookchallenge is still my first reading-related love :)

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Title: Brave Story
Author: Miyuki Miyabe
Pages: 816
Rating: 4/5
Book: 8/50

Full disclosure: I picked this one up because of its awesome cover. Once I read the summary, I knew it was going on my to-read list for sure, but the cover illustration was my first love. Brave Story is an epic fantasy that follows ten-year-old Wataru Mitani as he travels through the world of Vision in an attempt to change his destiny. The book is split into two parts; the first part takes place in the real world and establishes Wataru's messy family situation, while the second part chronicles his journey through Vision, an RPG-style fantasy world. I enjoyed watching Wataru grow and learn throughout the journey, and in spite of the book's length (816 pages!) it all flowed together nicely, and I didn't feel like there were any loose ends. Miyabe is one of Japan's most popular writers, and while I've never read the mystery novels for which she is most well known, I thought this was a worthwhile read. Now I'm also curious to check out the film and manga adaptations. Sadly, though, it looks like TOKYOPOP only released the first five volumes of the twenty volume manga series, so we'll see how that goes.

8 / 50 books. 16% done!

Next up: Book 9/50 will have to wait while I take a short detour to Redwall (a trip down memory lane in light of the recent passing of author Brian Jacques).
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Book #12 -- Frewin Jones, Faerie Path #6: The Charmed Return, 355 pages.

This is the sixth, and probably last, book in Jones' Faerie Path series, which has been my cheesy fairy romance crack of choice since they first started coming out. There are one or two loose ends left open, but overall it's a satisfying conclusion to the series.

Progress toward goals: 48/365 = 13.2%

Books: 12/100 = 12.0%

Pages: 3708/30000 = 12.4%

2011 Book List

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Book 20 for 2011

Hard Times by Charles Dickens, 1854, 328 pages.

To sum it all up beforehand, this book was wonderful.

It's the story of Thomas Gradgrind and Josiah Bounderby, both of whom are strong proponents of FACT. If it's not fact, it doesn't matter. Knowing the principal imports and exports and being able to describe a horse in every detail to show a knowledge of equine anatomy is fine; liking flowers and falling in love, and wanting pictures on the wall is most certainly not. The story tells of Thomas Gradgrind's eldest and favourite daughter, who is mired in the despair that such an upbringing engenders, and his marriage to her father's friend, the much-older Josiah Bounderby.

The book is deliciously satiric, and rendered perfectly with human interest and social welfare jostling for first position in the book. Dickens' choice of names, the bleak descriptions he paints, and the underhanded individuals who populate this book make it a fine book and my favourite by Dickens so far.

I have a copy of Bleak House, also by Dickens, on my night stand with the intention of reading it very soon. Right now I am just beginning Mark Danielewski's House of Leaves, which is frightening enough that the introduction gave me goose pimples on my arms. It looks really good, and very odd besides.

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