February 22nd, 2011


Must the Maiden Die

Must the Maiden Die

Miriam Grace Monfredo

Seneca Falls, N.Y., 1861. Glynis Tryon is busy not only running the town's library, helping her niece, Emma, prepare for her wedding, and trying to keep another niece, Bronwyn's enthusiasm for danger and adventure in check so that she doesn't ruin Emma's wedding. She also finds herself involved in a murder investigation.

The Civil War is heating up, but Seneca Falls seems more affected by the murder of one of the town's prominent citizens, Roland Brant, and the disappearance of the young girl who was his indentured servant. The girl, Tamar, is suspected of killing Roland Brant, and Glynis, positive that the girl is innocent, is determined to help clear her of the murder.


What an anjoyable historical msytery! I'd have liked to start with the first in the series, but it is out of print and unavailable at any local library. I don't feel like I had any difficulty getting up to speed, though.

The plot was strong and well-paced, the historical aspect was interesting, and I especially liked the feminist theme.

I'll definitely be looking for more of this series to read!

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25. Booked to Die; 26. Assassination Vacation; 27, The Walking Dead, Volume 6...

Booked to Die
by John Dunning

Started: February 18, 2011
Finished: February 22, 2011

A good detective story backed by a good rare book story, what's not for me to love? This was fun to read. 321 pages. Grade: A
Assassination Vacation
by Sarah Vowell

Started: February 20, 2011
Finished: February 22, 2011

I wanted to not like this book. I find Vowell to be fairly annoying in a smug hipster-ish I-am-so-quirky kind of way anytime I see interviews with her. But I have to admit this wasn't a bad read at all. I'm not sure why she didn't continue the book through the Kennedy assassination and the attempts on Ford and Reagan, but I have to admit I learned a lot about Garfield and McKinley in particular from this book. 255 pages. Grade: B+
The Walking Dead, Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life
by Robert Kirkman

Started/Finished: February 22, 2011

That scene between Michonne and the Governor was absolutely brutal. It was also great storytelling. 144 pages. Grade: A-
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Total # of pages read in 2011: 6,993
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4. Anatomy of Hope by Jerome Groopman MD

This book was recommended by the women of my cancer support group. I am so very glad that I read this. Dr. Groopman explores the emotional states crucial to healing. He talks about how hope is what motivates patients to move through treatments in order to begin healing. Each person experiences this in a different way and Dr. Groopman has chosen several patients from his experience treating cancer to exemplify his ideas.

I am coming away from this book with a sense of empowerment and renewed hope. Dr. Groopman explains that hope is not always stalwart and inflappable. Hope waivers. Hope shows itself as a flicker, a flicker that your body can sense and build on. Hope allows us humanity. And I think that I really do have hope.

5/5 stars
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