February 23rd, 2011

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Earlier today I finished reading a book called Jimmy the Wags: Street Stories of a Private Eye, ostensibly written by James Wagner, but he had a ghost writer. It's a series of mildly interesting vignettes about his experiences in the job in the New York area, and about his downfall.
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Book 11 for 2011

Such a Strange Lady - A Biography of Dorothy L. Sayers by Janet Hitchman. 200 pages.

This book seems to have been disadvantaged from the start - not only had the author never met Dorothy L. Sayers, but many of DLS' family and friends were actively opposed to the book being written at all, so that many sources of information were unavailable.

On top of that, I fear Hitchman isn't anywhere near as skilled a writer as DLS was, all of which adds up to a book which is, for the most part, lamentably flat and dull. At times, DLS's personality does shine through, but it seems to be in spite of the author rather than due to her efforts.

I don't know what the redoubtable Miss Sayers would have made of this account of her life (there's some suggestion that she was opposed to having her biography written before she'd been dead for fifty years) but somehow, I don't think she'd be very impressed.

a new year, books 1-11

1, 4, 5, 6 'the twilight saga' by stephanie meyer
1. 'the lacuna' barbara kingsolver
3. 'victoria victorious' jean plaidy
7. 'the stand' stephen king
8. 'wet moon volume 4: drowned in evil'
9. 'wet moon volume 5: where the stars fail to burn' ross campbell
10. 'court of the air' stephen hunt
11. '365 thank yous' john kralik

i won't say anything more on the twilight books as they're re-reads. i do that. i re-read them every now and then, i can't help it, i love those books and i don't care what anyone else says.

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