April 26th, 2011

Eric in Robe

No. 28 for 2011

Title: Shades of Midnight
Author: Lara Adrian
Rating: 4/5
Book: 28/50 (56% completed)
Pages: 383 pgs
Total Pages: 10,980/15,000 pages (73.20% completed)
Version: Book
Next up: Taken by Midnight by Lara Adrian

This one was not my favourite book of the series. The plot dragged. The characters seemed a little under developed. Alex, the Breedmate in this story, seemed a little unrealistic. She seemed to accept the Breed's existence and the fact that she is a Breedmate a little too easily. She didn't ask questions. She didn't try to deny the fact that she was a Breedmate. She just accepted it.

It was still a good read but not my favourite of the series.

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El Corazon

44. Where the Money Is...

Where the Money Is: True Tales From the Bank Robbery Capital of the World
by William J. Rehder and Gordon Dillow

Started: April 22, 2011
Finished: April 26, 2011

Rehder's memoir of 30-plus years in the FBI's Los Angeles bank robbery investigation unit. This is one of the better retired FBI agent memoirs I've read. Rehder has some good stories to tell and doesn't come off as a douchebag, a common problem in these books. 287 pages. Grade: A-
Total # of books read in 2011: 44
Total # of pages read in 2011: 11,057