April 29th, 2011


#16 - 29

Between one or two lazy weekends and a lot of bank holidays I've been able to get so much reading done! Finally! :)

#16. "Batman- Gotham Noir"
Loved the art in this but I have to say I got a little bored with it near the end. Although James Gordon has always been a favourite of mine, I don't think the story was enough to hold up a hard-boiled Noir style.

#17 + 18. "Before they are Hanged" and "The Last Argument of Kings" by Joe Abercrombie
I absolutely loved the conclusion of this 3 part series. In particular I think Superior Glokta is relentlessly brilliant as a witty and acerbic character. Although he is by no means the only good thing about the series. I feel its sometimes hard to do something new with Fantasy novels but this doesn't disappoint. Highly recommended.

#19. "The Illusionist" by Anita Mason.
The premise of this book drew me in but it didn't deliver. Enjoyed very little about it and finished it because I hate leaving a book half read.lol

#20. "Half of a yellow Sun" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Absolutely amazing book. set during the Nigerian Civil war in the 60's, a conflict I confess I knew nothing about. Not surprisingly it has some appauling events but I loved the characters, especially the main narrator Ugwu, a houseboy. It kept me gripped throughout, HIGHLY recommended.

#21. "True Grit" by Charles Portis
I've have seen and loved both movie adaptations of this novel and only wish that I had read it when I was younger before I saw them. Seeing the movie doesn't take away from the brilliance of this book, I can't wait to read in again soon. I have heard Mattie Ross described as "more Ahab's little sister than Huck Finn's equal". Absolutely true.lol. Brilliant character. Fantastic read.

#22 - 29. "The Walking Dead" Volumes 6-14
I've really enjoyed this series but feel that it has a lot of highs and lows. Some characters/stories I loved and others I found a little tedious and predictable. That said, its been consistently good enough for me to read this much! :)
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Books 10-12

Book 10
The Disappeared - Kim Echlin

This absorbing novel recounts the life of Anne, who as a teen falls in love with a Cambodian musician at a cafe in Montreal. Anne is a motherless child with a distant father who longs for connection the way plants ache for the sun. Serey helps fill that void until he feels he must return home to search for his family after the fall of the Pol Pot regime.
Years later, Anne makes her own trip to Cambodia after seeing - or believing she sees - Serey in the background of a TV news program. Her connections and losses offer a window to the losses suffered under and following the Khmer Rouge brutality.
Through it all, Echlin uses an economy of words that creates an abundance of emotion. Her decision to use the first-person narration for Anne, so that every reference to "you," is understood as Serey, also creates an intimacy that underscores the loss of humanity in that terrible time.
It's amazing to be both shocked and moved from such work. There are no happy endings to this story, except for the story of survival. And that may be the point of all love, after all.

Book 11
The Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot

CutgeGirl is a huge fan of this light-hearted teen story, so on a recent stopover at the library, I gave it a chance.
Mia is a typical American teen living in New York: struggling with algebra, wistfully wishing to be one of the popular kids and trying to learn how to assert herself. Then, she finds out she's actually royalty, to be the sole heir to the throne over a small European nation.
Our klutzy girl must become an elegant princess through lessons with a nasty grandmother, all the while still trying to find her place in the world on her own terms.
What's refreshing is, there is no major moral lesson that thumps you over the head. Mia is who is she, and you get to listen in to her journals on the fun, breezy read.

Book 12
Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life - James Patterson

This author who has had more New York Times bestsellers than anyone else, I suspect, is about to hit again.
Rafe K. is entering the sixth grade looking for a way to survive that horror known once as junior high and now as middle school. His conclusion: make a concerted effort to break every rule in the school's handbook.
Meant to be funny, Rafe's story is also surprisingly touching in points. Meant to be for younger children, some darker elements might be too much. Meant to be clever, some of the side notes try to hard.
But this is, after all, James Patterson. With so few young adult books for boys, there will be a demand for Rafe and whatever else Patterson can cook up.
Eric in Robe

No. 29 for 2011

Title: Taken by Midnight
Author: Lara Adrian
Rating: 4/5
Book: 29/50 (58% completed)
Pages: 370 pgs
Total Pages: 11,350/15,000 pages (75.67% completed)
Version: Book
Next up: Not Sure

Well, in one whole month, I've managed to read all 8 of Adrian's Midnight Breed series. I couldn't put them down!

This book was about Brock and Jenna. It was a good story. Full of the usual mystery and romance that Adrian's other books contains. I did miss the breedmate aspect of the romance but the book was just as good without out.

I can't wait until June for book 9!

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1. Reckless by, Cornelia Funke

Beyond the mirror, the darkest fairy tales come alive. Jacob Reckless has enjoyed the Mirrorworld's secrets and treasures for years. Not anymore. His younger brother has followed him. Now dark magic will turn boy to beast - unless Jacob can find a way to save them. If you're looking for happily ever after, you've come to the wrong place.

Reckless is by my favorite author, the author of the Inkheart trilogy, and many other books. So when I picked up Reckless, I was expecting something amazing, and I can honestly say I wasn't completely disappointed. She starts off a little fast, as if she had a lot of grandiose ideas and wanted to get to them quickly, but I feel a little more set up would have been nice. I spent the first fifteen or so chapters being quite confused, but things do sort of sort themselves out after a while. The world she built is quite similar to our own, and the people in the Mirrorworld are just starting to industrialize. There are a lot of classic fairy tales alluded to in the book, such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and a few others. Over all, this really was a good book, and I'm glad I picked it up.