September 6th, 2011


# 47 Night and Day

Night and Day

Virginia Woolf

This book is about love and marriage - how relationships are affected by social mores and perceived obligations. Woolf also asks the bigger questions: What is love? What constitutes marriage? What is necesary for marital happiness? Is marriage necessary for happiness? What is happiness?

These are the questions facing Katherine Hilbery, who has been a willing, but bored, drudge, helping her mother with the task of researching her worthy grandfather, a well-known poet and family icon. These are questions also affecting her friends, William Rodney, mary Datchett, Cassandra Otway, and Ralph Denham.

I have loved every one of Woolf's works that I've read so far, and this one is no exception. Her writing rings as clear as a bell, yet every word, every phrase, every object is imbued with layers of meaning.
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August Reads

59. Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead Rose is still fighting her attraction to Dimitri while training to be a guardian. Both her and Lissa are in their last semester of school where Rose is undergoing field testing to test her ability as a guardian. When their mortal enemy Victor goes on trial for trying to use Lissa’s powers both her and Lissa go to the court in order to see the trial. Rose is also seeing visions of her friend that was killed in a Stirogi attack. There is also a secret organization recruiting members who feel that only royal Moroi should get guardians and not any Moroi. This book gives a further glimpse into the prejudices that are in this world.
60. Amsterdam by Ian McEwan
61. Shelter by Tara Shuler Alice is a young girl who happens to be a vampire and she is also attending high school with humans for the first time this year since her mom wants her to interact with humans. She was scared about interacting with humans until she meets another vampire at a party given by one of her classmates. At first she doesn’t know that he is a vampire until he reveals himself to her and there is another one of her classmates called Max that is also interested in her. It turns out that Max is a vampire hunter in training who is supposed to kill vampires in order to protect humans. This makes for an interesting love triangle with two vampires and a soon to be vampire hunter. The sequel would be interesting to read in order to see who Alice ends up with.
62. Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah
63. Wined and Died by Cricket McRae Sophie Mae accidentally hears about a murder when her husband buys a set of old cassette tapes at a thrift store. She finds out that the therapist had died recently and it sparks her curiosity if her death had anything to do with what was on the tapes. She tries to find out who killed the therapist and whose life is in danger all while running her own business of making homemade beauty products. She also learns about mead and mead making during her own investigation which the readers learn about as well. She is also babysitting her housemate’s eleven almost twelve year old daughter who is interested in the crime as well. There is no sex or dirty language in this book and it is a cute murder mystery. There is also a recipe for Ginger beer in the back of the book.
64. Beloved by Toni Morrison
64. Lost in Rooville by Ray Blackston In this third book about Jay Jarvis both him and his friend Steve bring their girlfriends to Australia in order to propose marriage to them. Of course Jay and his girlfriend Allie get lost in the Outback where they do get found eventually by their friends. Jay uses the moment to propose to Allie and part of the book details how they spend their time that they are lost in the Outback. There is no sex in the book even though the pair do have the opportunity to enjoy some of the benefits of marriage without anyone knowing, if she doesn’t get pregnant . This book ties up some of the loose ends in the Jay Jarvis story and shows the beginning of the next chapter in Jay’s and Allie’s life.
65. Olga: A Daughter’s Tale by Marie-Therese Browne This is tale of both Jamaica and England. Olga in born in Jamaica to a white mother and a black father which was frowned upon in the twenties and thirties in Jamaica. The writer does show the color prejudice in the book,even among the blacks where they are broken up into the blacks who are darker skinned and the coloureds who are lighter skinned and are of a higher social class. There is also a double standard in Jamaica where white men can have babies with black or coloured women but it is frowned upon for a white woman to have a baby with a black or coloured man. When Olga is raped during World War II in London and then becomes pregnant by her rapist we see how single never married moms are looked down upon in that society even if the woman was raped. England was moralistic as well during this time since a young woman could get kicked out of nursing school for getting pregnant out of wedlock and there was no sex education for young women at the time. This book is a good commentary of British and Jamaican society in the thirties and the forties.