October 23rd, 2011

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Before the start of my day, yesterday, I had only a handful of pages to finish a book, and I did so. It was A Scandalous History of the Roman Emperors by Anthony Blond. It's engagingly written, and covers a variety of issues well. It enlivens history of that period very nicely. I have to thank Nick for giving me a copy...
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Books 15 and 16 - 2011

Book 15: Goddess of Spring by P.C. Cast – 360 pages

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Despite its rather dark nature (rape, kidnapping etc), the myth of Persephone and Hades is my favourite of all the Greek myths. Persephone, in fact, is my favourite goddess, and I have every intention of naming my first daughter after her. That aside, this story takes the myth of Persephone and Hades and plays with it, replacing Persephone, in mind and soul if not body, with Lina, 40-something Okie bakery owner, while the goddess herself moves into Lina’s body and life. The trade sparks a romance between Hades and Lina that is somewhat different than the union of the god and the goddess in the myth. In some respects, I preferred this version of events, but also, in some respects I felt really sorry for the real Persephone (who takes over Lina’s job at the bakery in Tulsa) who seems to lose out in the whole thing. I know the myth of Persephone and Hades is generally pretty nasty, but I guess I like to subscribe to a more romantic view of things (perhaps the rather hilarious take in Marie Phillips’ Gods Behaving Badly) and the fact that the real Persephone didn’t end up with Hades made me a little sad. Still this book does a good job of setting up the world to be used throughout the rest of the Goddess Summoning series (seeing as I’ve now read all of them even if I haven’t written up the reviews), setting itself apart from the previous book in the series Goddess of the Sea (which I read last year and which seems to be set in a completely different universe). Overall, an enjoyable read.

15 / 50 books. 30% done!

5941 / 15000 pages. 40% done!

Book 16: Bare Bones by Kathy Reichs – 417 pages

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Bones is pretty much my favourite TV show ever (two weeks to go!), and I started reading the books ages ago, in the hope that I’d get more Bones awesomeness when the show wasn’t on. I know a lot of people will disagree with me (and have in the past) but I don’t enjoy the books anywhere near as much as the TV show. Booth and Brennan (TV) have a chemistry that is just unmatchable, and whilst I enjoy the romance between Ryan and Brennan (book) its just not the same. Also Brennan annoys me in the books – she’s melodramatic and whiny, whereas Brennan in the TV show is, well, less clichéd as a character, which I think is her appeal to me. Anyway, this book is the sixth of the now 14 Temperance Brennan books. I honestly can’t remember almost anything about the plot. I do remember that it was set in North Carolina (the books alternate between Charlotte and Montreal, unlike the TV show which is set in Washington D.C.) and that Ryan had come down from Canada. I also remember that this book was the one where Ryan and Brennan finally hooked up. This is the sixth book; Bones has just finished its sixth season with the announcement that Bones is pregnant to Booth…coincidence…? I think not!

16 / 50 books. 32% done!

6358 / 15000 pages. 42% done!

I'm so ridiculously behind in my reviews its not funny. About 10 behind now. My reading (and writing) has been so crap over the last five months or so. I'm busy trying to find a new job, help with renovations to my house, train my puppy, plan a trip to the US (again!) and another to Tasmania in Jan 2012, and a variety of other things. I'm hoping I'll be caught up on life by about 2015!

Currently reading:
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