November 10th, 2011

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A couple of days ago, I finished reading an ebook called Osprey Warrior #121: Soldier of the Pharoah: Middle Kingdom Egypt 2055 - 1650 BC, which wasn't a bad addition to my background knowledge. Pretty primitive, more or less, compared to the centuries that followed.
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#110 Somewhere Towards the End - Diana Athill (2008)

Diana Athill made her reputation as a writer with the candour of her memoirs, now aged ninety, and freed from any inhibitions that even she may once have had, she reflects frankly on the losses and occasionally the gains that old age brings, and on the wisdom and fortitude required to face death. This is a lively narrative of events, lovers and friendships: the people and experiences that have taught her to regret very little, to resist despondency and to question the beliefs and customs of her own generation.

Somewhere towards the end is a touching and intelligent memoir, by a woman still highly astute well into her nineties. Diana Athill writes about what many older people really think about. She remembers old lovers, some from not that long ago, discusses religion, death and how it felt to become a writer unexpectedly. This is a lovely, readable memoir, it is never depressing, meloncholic or self-pitying. Diana Athill comes across as the sort of older woman I would want to be in many ways - eminently sensible, without any dullness whatsoever. This is a beautifully honest work, touching and intelligent.