December 19th, 2011

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Okay, I failed the 50 Book Challenge but this time I won't!

Started: 12/17/11

1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins - So I heard a lot of great reviews on this book and had to read it. And aww, this book is perfect. Funny and romantic but not too cheesy romantic, and just honest. A perfect Young Adult book. Definitely my favorite read in a while.
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#123 Agatha Raisin: there goes the bride - M C Beaton (2009)

Agatha's former husband James is engaged to be married to a beautiful, young woman and Agatha has been kindly invited to the wedding. To take her mind off this, Agatha decides she has fallen for Sylvan, a Frenchman she met at James' engagement party. To distract her still further she decides upon a holiday and flies to Istanbul, where unfortunately she bumps into James and his fiancee not once but twice - convincing him she is stalking them. So when the bride is murdered on her wedding day, naturally Agatha is Suspect Number One - but then matters are turned on their head when the dead bride's mother engages Agatha to take on the case of her murdered daughter! And very soon Agatha's own life is in danger while she tries to solve the mystery of the corpse bride while fighting off (halfheartedly) the advances of a very attractive and determined Frenchman.

I thought this 20th Agatha Raisin a little better than the last installment which I had felt was rushed and padded out. There is however far less humor than in earlier novels and I am still a bit irritated by the newer characters. Agatha's character seems at times contradictory - she is often just a rude and domineering as ever - the Agatha we all love, but we also see her as self doubting and vulnerable, a side we have seen before. I did find this a good bit of escapism for a chilly Sunday yesterday, but I do think the earlier novels were by far the best. There's no great shock in "whodunnit" either - a bit predictable.