December 21st, 2011

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1. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins - So I heard a lot of great reviews on this book and had to read it. And aww, this book is perfect. Funny and romantic but not too cheesy romantic, and just honest. A perfect Young Adult book. Definitely my favorite read in a while.

2. Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fischer - funny memoir but also serious on some levels. I liked the length and the book was pretty good overall, it was very honest. I would really like to see the play.


Some state legislators would like to toss Chicago out of Illinois.
Under the lawmakers' proposal, the state would be telling Chicago and Cook County to get lost. Without the domineering, overly liberal and tax-hungry metropolis, [state representatives Bill] Mitchell and [Adam] Brown contend, Illinois could be more like GOP-run Indiana.

For some down south in the Land of Lincoln, their resentment toward Chicago is less about politics than values. They are generally more conservative, and more opposed to the state's recent income tax hike, civil unions law and abolishment of the death penalty.
There's more to this proposal than a way to make Northern Illinois University charge out-of-state tuition rates to Chicagoans.  The proposal is a consequence of migration patterns and political decisions that long ago created states that often require people with very different outlooks on life to agree on how to do government, or not.  And Chicago, as readers of How the States Got Their Shapes know, is part of Illinois in order that each of the states carved out of the territory ceded by Britain after Independence shall have a lake port.  The rationale for creating what became the Chicago area as part of Illinois was to allow farmers in Illinois to ship crops for export via the Great Lakes rather than along the Mississippi River, through slave-held territory.  Those Congresses never anticipated Chicago reversing the course of its river.

Colin Woodard's American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America, today's Book Review No. 34 (don't expect fifty by year's end) provides inter alia the origins of the spat between Chicago and Downstate (more specifically, central and southern Downstate) Illinois.  
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 I marked up my book extensively and expect to consult parts of it again as the presidential election takes shape.

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