December 23rd, 2011

books 67-95

i've been quite proud of my efforts this year. usually i manage the 50 books, but just barely. 95 is impressive for me!

67. 'percy jackson and the last olympian' rick riordan
68. 'wake' robert j. sawyer
69. 'watch' robert j. sawyer
70. 'wonder' robert j. sawyer
71. 'the physick book of deliverance dane' katherine howe
72. 'one day' david nicholls
73. 'the white dragon' anne mccaffrey
74. 'underbelly razor' larry writer
75. 'moon dance' j.r. rain
76. 'vampire moon' j.r. rain
77. 'american vampire' j.r. rain
78. 'moon child' j.r. rain
79. 'unholy ghosts' stacia kane
80. 'unholy magic' stacia kane
81. 'twilight' stephanie meyer
82. 'city of ghosts' stacia kane
83. 'dead witch walking' kim harrison
84. 'the good, the bad and the undead' kim harrison
85. 'the mask of ra' paul doherty
86. 'every which way but dead' kim harrison
87. 'a fistful of charms' kim harrison
88. 'for a few demons more' kim harrison
89. 'where demons dare' kim harrison
90. 'white witch, black curse' kim harrison
91. 'black magic sanction' kim harrison
92. 'pale demon' kim harrison
93. 'the girl who couldn't say no' tracey engelbrecht
94. 'a modern witch' debora geary
95. 'lonely werewolf girl' martin millar

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