January 26th, 2012

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As I continued reading my ebooks, I finished Osprey Men-at-Arms #333: Armies of Medieval Russia 750 - 1250. First of all, the plates are much better than some of the artwork previous books had. Secondly, they do a good job in this one of giving the backgrounds of the politics and history of the period. Solid work.
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6. The Wild Things by Dave Eggers - it was okay, the book like looks wise is so pretty but the story is cute. Not my favorite, I'm not obsessed with I like I know a lot of people that are but it's good.

Blackout (Connie Willis)-Book 6

I just finished Blackout by Connie Willis, which makes book 6 for me. I had the feeling throughout the entire book that there was something I should have read to provide a set-up, but apparently such was not the case. B/c of this, I found the first half very slow going. The book is about three time-traveling historians from Oxford 2060 and is set in Englad during the Blitz of WWII.  In the early chapters of the book, the characters switch between 2060 and 1940 several times before getting settled into their primary storylines, which made for confusion on my part. I almost abandoned reading it, something I NEVER do. I am glad I persisted. Willis does a very good job of describing London during the firebombing, and I started to care about the protagonists and was very interested to see what would happen to them. Warning, though: the book ends with everything up in the air, and one must read the sequel All Clear to find out what becomes of the characters and indeed what becomes of Britain.
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First 12 books

1. Inheritence - Christopher paolini - amazing 5/5
2. Jabberwocky - Daniel Coleman - pretty good, fun quick read
3. The lost books of the odyssey - Zachary mason - didn't enjoy this at all. Not familiar with the original t be honest and no idea what was going on!
4 5 & 6. Odalisque, Emissary & Goddess - Fiona Mcintosh - one of my favourite authors, very good reads.
7 8 & 9. Myrrens Gift, Blood and Memory & Bridge of Souls - Fiona Mcintosh - another amazing series of hers, well worth reading.
10. Baby's First Book of Seriously F***ed Up S**t - Robert Devereaux - umm, not really sure what was going on to be honest. Some good stories though!
11. Incarceration - Catherine Fisher - very good story, half way through the second one now!