May 16th, 2012

Labyrinth: Jareth Eyes

Books 6 & 7 - Simon's Cat and Simon's Cat: Beyond The Fence by Simon Tofield

Simon's Cat by Simon Tofield

This is the first collection of cartoon sketches featuring Simon and his cat. It’s simple but brilliant, because he captures truly the nature of the cat. The cat reminds me of my own cat, and some of his mannerisms are so similar, that’s what I find funny.
This is a nice easy book to pass a few minutes with. Good fun!
Probably appreciated by more by cat lovers/owners but worth a look for anyone.

Simon’s Cat: Beyond The Fence by Simon Tofield

Second instalment in the adventures of Simon’s cat, who, when faced with the prospect of a bath makes his escape and vanishes off into the big wide world. Lovely way to pass a few idle minutes, having a look at the illustrations in this book. Cat ends up at a farm before deciding he’s seen enough of the world and making his way home. Very enjoyable.

MY RATINGS: 4/5 for both
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Book #45: 50 Book Challenge 2012

Unfamiliar Fishes - Sarah Vowell

Did not like the author's tone and feel of her commentary, but I feel she has an impressive bibliography on her story of the Americanization of Hawaii.  And I was drawn in.    For some reason, it never occured to me that native Hawaiians had their land whitey-fied just like Native Americans did.  Yes, an obvious observation, but one I've managed to miss until now.  This book left quite an impression on me.

Book #46: 50 Book Challenge 2012

Swim Back to Me - Ann Packer

This was a book of short stories, but I liked how some of the stories had a common thread, and the stories were actually good.  I enjoyed this much more than most of the short story collections I've read - with the exception of some of the ones from wildly popular authors.

Book #48: 50 Book Challenge 2012

The Lifeboat - Charlotte Rogan

So what happens when a bunch of people board an overcrowded lifeboat ... but no one shows up to rescue them because no one knows their ship sank?  Well, they bob around on the ocean for a damn long time.  And they fight.  But that's just the beginning!

This was okay.  The main chacacter had a lot of similarities to Rose's character from the Titanic movie - too many, in my opinion, for this to be a truly original story.  The ending was kind of a flop, too.  But the writing was good, kept me turning the pages. 

Book #49: 50 Book Challenge 2012

Pure Sea Glass - Richard LaMotte

This was fascinating.  I was searching for another book in our library's database (Sea Glass, Anita Shreve, my #50), and came across this nonfiction exploration of sea glass by a local author from our Chesapeake Bay area.  It also gives an overview of the history of glassmaking, which I found intriguing.  This book is packed with lovely, glossy, detailed pictures, and descriptions of common and rare sea glass.  It makes we wish I hadn't thrown or given away so much of my collection over the years (yes, shameful).  I had some purple and pink pieces and those are no longer easy to find.

Book #50!: 50 Book Challenge 2012

Sea Glass - Anita Shreve

I really enjoyed reading this book.  Couldn't put it down.  It's about a lady in the Depression era named Honora, who marries a traveling salesman she doesn't know all that well and finds herself living in a rundown house on the beach with little money and a lot of time alone.  His narcissism and eventual insanity become apparent as he loses his job and finds a factory job in a mill.  Some of the millworkers are planning a strike to demand fair wages and hours, and decent living conditions for the men who board on site.  The couple quickly become deeply involved, and it turns out that those days planning and beginning to strike are ones that will change both of their lives signficantly and permanently.  Awesome read.

This was fun.  I knew hitting 50 books read this year wouldn't be hard for me, but I wanted to see how long it would take to get there.  (I finished at the end of April.)  I've found I like keeping track of what I read and will probably continue to do so.  I also got a lot of great ideas from other readers.  Thank you!