September 21st, 2012


Book 121: Planet Ape by Desmond Morris

Book 121: Planet Ape.
Author: Desmond Morris with Steve Parker, 2009.
Genre: Natural History. Animals. Non-Fiction.
Other Details: Hardback. 288 pages.

The definitive guide to the great apes and how they compare with us, their closest living relatives. Gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans are only a hair's breadth away from us in evolutionary terms; our DNA differs by just a few percent. These fascinating creatures hold up a mirror to humanity, giving us insights into our past, our present and perhaps even our future. "Planet Ape" reveals the great apes in unprecedented detail: where they live, how they live and the challenges they face. Using innovative artworks, photographs and text, the book makes key comparisons between apes and human beings. - synopsis from Goodreads

I found this an Informative and well illustrated work that provided an excellent introduction to the subject of the great apes along with some information about other primates. Their physical traits, behaviour and habitat are all covered including a section at the end about the various threats to their continued existence in the wild and the role of zoos and wildlife charities in their conservation.

I borrowed this book from the library in order to increase my knowledge of apes for my recent role as a volunteer in the education department of a local zoo. It did the trick as I've become much more confident when talking to visitors about the range of primates at the zoo, especially our great apes.