May 2nd, 2013

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April 2013 Reading

April 2013 Reading:

16. Midnight Blue-Light Special, by Seanan McGuire (328 pages)
"I was unaware the telepathic girl possessed a temper. This is pleasing. Temperamental people are more likely to participate in carnage." There really are few words for how much I love this series. Istas is like my favorite character at this point. This was a very fast-paced book, and very enjoyable. McGuire's got a knack for world-creation.

17. Wired, by Robin Wasserman (400 pages)
This was definitely an intriguing series, and the last book leaves me with questions about what lies beyond. Specifically, the idea of one dystopia falling to potentially another--because what one person finds to be a utopia may just be everyone else's idea of hell, and that person who considers themselves to be a savior might just wind up being a tyrant. I wouldn't be surprised to see more in this world Wasserman has created. I think one thing I love about sci-fi/fantasy, and especially utopia/dystopia and post-apocalyptic genres, is how it is able to tackle some of these major issues, requiring a lot of thought.

18. Legend, by Marie Lu (305 pages)
Set in a dystopic California that has become its own Republic fighting against the "colonies" of the rest of the United States, this follows two teens whose similarities and differences draw them together to find the truth. Really good. Kept me engrossed.

19. The Will of the Empress, by Tamora Pierce (550 pages)
I read most of Pierce's work when I was in high school and in my early years of college, and I loved them. This one was no different, sucking me into a world with familiar, beloved characters--but ones who had become adults rather than children. It was fitting for me to read it as an adult, when I read the earlier ones as a child. Very good book.

April pages: 1,583

Pages to date: 5,660

Progress: 19/50

April 2013 Comics/Manga Reading:

68. Kobato: Volume 5, by Clamp (144 pages)
69. Arata: The Legend: Volume 9, by Yuu Watase (200 pages)
70. The Boys Volume 12: The Bloody Doors Off, by Garth Ennis (170 pages)
71. The Wallflower: Volume 4, by Tomoko Hayakawa (208 pages)
72. Record of a Fallen Vampire: Volume 6, by Kyo Shirodaira (200 pages)
73. Case Closed: Volume 11, by Gosho Aoyama (208 pages)
74. Natsume's Book of Friends: Volume 13, by Yuki Midorikawa (192 pages)
75. Loveless: Volume 4, by Yun Kouga (200 pages)
76. The Heart of Thomas, by Moto Hagio (528 pages)
77. Fables The Deluxe Edition: Volume 1, by Bill Willingham (264 pages)
78. The Walking Dead: Book 1, by Robert Kirkman (304 pages)
79. Nabari no Ou: Volume 12, by Yuhki Kamatani (208 pages)
80. Tail of the Moon: Volume 8, by Rinko Ueda (200 pages)
81. Kamisama Kiss: Volume 4, by Julietta Suzuki (200 pages)
82. D.Gray-man: Volume 18, by Katusra Hoshino (192 pages)
83. The Walking Dead: Volume 3, by Robert Kirkman (136 pages)
84. The Walking Dead: Volume 4, by Robert Kirkman (136 pages)
85. Fables: Deluxe Edition Book 2, by Bill Willingham (264 pages)
86. Nana: Volume 9, by Ai Yazawa (200 pages)
87. Boys Over Flowers: Volume 19, by Yoko Kamio (208 pages)
88. Someday's Dreamers: Volume 2, by Norie Yamada (194 pages)
89. Arata The Legend: Volume 10, by Yuu Watase (200 pages)
90. Kobato: Volume 6, by Clamp (176 pages)
91. The Walking Dead: Volume 5, by Robert Kirkman (136 pages)
92. Arata The Legend: Volume 11, by Yuu Watase (192 pages)
93. Record of a Fallen Vampire: Volume 7, by Kyo Shirodaira (200 pages)
94. Zombie-Loan: Volume 3, by Peach-Pit (190 pages)
95. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Volume 6, by Naoko Takeuchi (237 pages)
96. The Walking Dead: Volume 6, by Robert Kirkman (144 pages)
97. Fables Deluxe Edition: Volume 4, by Bill Willingham (232 pages)
98. The Wallflower: Volume 5, by Tomoko Hayakawa (192 pages)
99. Case Closed: Volume 12, by Gosho Aoyama (208 pages)
100. Tail of the Moon: Volume 9, by Rinko Ueda (200 pages)
101. Loveless: Volume 5, by Yun Kouga (192 pages)
102. The Unwritten: Volume 7, by Mike Carey (144 pages)
103. Kamisama Kiss: Volume 5, by Julietta Suzuki (200 pages)
104. Fables: Volume 5, by Bill Willingham (168 pages)
105. Fables: Volume 6, by Bill Willingham (192 pages)
106. Fables: Volume 7, by Bill Willingham (144 pages)
107. Pandora Hearts: Volume 15, by Jun Mochizuki (192 pages)
108. The Walking Dead: Volume 7, by Robert Kirkman (136 pages)

April pages: 8,051

Pages to date: 22,125

Progress: 108/250