June 6th, 2013

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Early yesterday, I finished reading Alan Furst's novel, Mission to Paris. I've read pretty much all of his works; these are sagas about Europe before WWII, for the most part, and deal with folks who get embroiled in the secret battles that led up to the war. He does a wonderful job setting the tone; gray, grim, fearful, with a deep feeling of inevitability. I'd recommend any of the books. In this specific one, an actor, Austrian-born, but years in Hollywood, is sent by the studios to make a film in Paris and other sites, and it deals with all the machinations that he encounters. Good book.
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Books 27 and 28 for 2013

Star Surgeon by Alan Nourse. 138 pages.

Dal Timgar is the first non-human to train as a doctor on Hospital Earth. But there are those among the higher ranking Doctors who don't want an alien in their ranks and Dal's quest for the coveted Star that will mark him as a qualified doctor is far from easy.

I'd wanted to read something by Nourse for some time, as I'd heard good things about him from sf readers on Usenet, but I'd never been able to get hold of any physical books of his. So I was pleased to find some of his works as free ebooks.

Solid, old-fashioned space opera in the style of Andre Norton.

Last Day In Limbo by Peter O'Donnell. 236 pages.

Another escapade for Modesty Blaise and her sidekick Willie Garvin.

This time Modesty and her friend John Dall are nearly kidnapped, while Willie plots revenge on the people who traumatised his girlfriend. As tends to happen in this type of story, the two things turn out to be closely linked….

The build-up of the story was good, as these books generally are, but the final showdown seemed to lack the punch we'd come to expect from O'Donnell.