June 19th, 2013

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Yesterday I read Osprey Fortress #23: German Field Fortifications 1939 – 45. It's a solid description of their defensive standards during the war. Reasonable read.
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Book #8: Over to You by Roald Dahl

Title: Over to You
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: historical fiction, short stories, World War II

Roald Dahl's ten early stories arise from his experiences as a wartime fighter pilot. They probe the minds of men living nightmares behind the nervy bonhomie of Ops room and Mess; men sent on one mission too many into chilling countries of the mind. (from the blurb)

Death of an Old Man Collapse )

An African Story Collapse )

A Piece of Cake Collapse )

Madame Rosette Collapse )

Katina Collapse )

Yesterday was Beautiful Collapse )

They Shall Not Grow Old Collapse )

Beware of the Dog Collapse )

Only This Collapse )

Someone Like You Collapse )

My favourite stories in this are the ones that are linked by common characters. Not that the standalone ones are any less affecting (the first story is the main case in point); they are, but it's always nice to see a character that was in a previous story, particularly if it's from a new point of view.

Each story here brought out a different aspect of being a pilot in World War II, and in some places it's quite clear that the descriptions *work* because they're from experience.

Overall, a strong set of stories with only a few misses.