June 30th, 2013

Jazzy Looking Around the Corner

June Reads

51.       Summer Island by Kristin Hannah
52.       More Than Friends by Barbara Delinsky
53.       Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates
54.       Land Girls by Angela Huth
55.       The Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer  In this book we see Artemis suffering from what is known in the fairy world as the Atlantis Complex, which is a mental disorder.  We do get to see a more softer side to Artemis with his alter ego Orion.  We also see Juliet again, Butler's sister in Mexico where she is a wrestler.  This is a bad time for Artemis to come down with the Atlantis Complex where someone wants to destroy the city of Atlantis.  This book is a little bit different from the other Artemis Fowl books, where the villain is also seen as a sympathetic character.  You do see a different motive from the villain in this book than in the other Artemis Fowl books.
56.       Lilah by Marek Halter
57.       Beach Lane by Sheryl Woods
58.       Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
59.       The Pact by Jodi Picoult
60.   Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor by Kathryn Lasky


Winter is a good time for reading series. (And yes, since Earth is spherical, it is winter somewhere in June :) ) And since I have decided to have at least one serious book in each post, I had to wait for a bit.
#28 Thea Leitner: Habsburgs verkaufte Töchter (Hapsburgs' sold daughters, in German)
A very nice little book about the lives of 6 very different women who were, in the words of the Austrian Empress Maria- Theresia, 'victims of politic'. They were usually sent away to be married, while still teenagers, often to some rather unpleasant characters and far away from home. Moreover, their husbands and fathers or brothers often become political enemies, which meant the women had to take sides and sometimes be considered as an enemy or just a lost cause by their own relatives.
The size women are Kunigunde, who later became Duchess of Bavaria, Margarete and Maria, who ruled the Netherlands pretty much one after the other, Anne of Austria, the wife of Louis XIII, Maria Carolina, the Queen consort of Naples, and finally, Leopoldine, the Empress of Brazil. Marie-Antoinette and Marie Louise (the second wife of Napoleon) are omitted on purpose, since the author believes that they have been given enough space elsewhere.
All in all, a very interesting and well written book. In conclusion, I can only say, that people haven't really changed all that much in the last 500 years.

#29-30 Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. Dynasty 8: The Maiden and Dynasty 9: The Flood-Tide.
The Morland Dynasty saga, which started in the times of Henry VI continues. Now it it about the return of the "king over the water", the battle of Culloden and the American War of Independence. I believe, there have been about 37 books so far, so I look forward continuing with the story.

#31-36 Kerry Greenwood: Cocaine Blues; Flying Too High; Murder on the Ballarat Train; Death at Victoria Dock; The Green Mill Murder;
Blood And Circuses.

Detective stories, taking place in Melburn in 1928. Phryne Fisher is a young woman, who decides to become a private detective. I must admit, she is a bit of a Mary-Sue. You know: rich, beautiful, drives fast cars, knows self-defence, flies a plane, speaks French, can do acrobatics on a horseback (yes, the horse is moving)... - you get the idea. And of course everybody falls in love with her, and she is quite open to the idea of being rather free with her body if not with her heart. And nevertheless it is a very enjoyable series, and I would like to get my hands on the video-episodes as well. She did satisfy my addiction to detective stories, although now I am looking for a change again.