August 13th, 2013

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I'm kicking myself, because I can't remember who recommended it, but I picked up and finished reading Saga Volume 1, a graphic novel, last night. A cross between fantasy and science fiction, the galaxy is involved in a war between a technological society and a magic one. A male of the one side marries a female of the other, and a child is born; the child appears to narrate the events. Volume 1 apparently covers the first six issues of the comic book, and there's a volume 2 out there that I'm going to have to hunt down. Cool stuff.
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Book 53 for 2013

Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers. 402 pages.

Another Lord Peter Wimsey reread, although this one belongs more to Harriet Vane than the titular hero.

She's called in by her old Oxford college to investigate a series of poison pen letters and episodes of vandalism and in the course of the investigation finds herself questioning her own feelings and needs.

Another very enjoyable re-read.