March 17th, 2014



#13 S. J. Parris 'Prophecy' and #14 S.J. Parris 'Sacriledge'.
Another two Tudor mysteries with Giordano Bruno as the crime solver. I have enjoyed both, although I found the ending of the last one somewhat unsatisfactory. Without (hopefully) spoiling too much, I like the murderers and generally unpleasant people to get punished in the end, not to get away.

#15 Priscilla Royal 'Wine of Violence'
A series of murders in a convent, where young Eleanor has just recently become an abbess. Now she has to fight for her authority, solve the murders and stand firm against the seductions of the flesh. I've really enjoyed the book and found the characters very real and interesting. Will definitely go on with this series.

#16 Eric Flint '1632 (Ring of Fire)'
A small mining American town suddenly gets transported from the modern USA to very medieval Europe torn by religious wars. I found the premise interesting and actually enjoyed reading the book, because of the characters and the adventures. What I realised in the end, however, was more interesting still. Whereas in other time-travelling tales (such as my favorite Outlander) there is an exchange of knowledge, here the Grantville residents bring the American way of life (obviously superior) to everybody around. Hurrah for modern guns and modern medicine and mass production. There is absolutely nothing those barbarians can teach us. Disturbing, somehow.