June 10th, 2014

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Book 50

Ruby: Lost & FoundRuby: Lost & Found by M.D. Grimm

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I won this in a giveaway and quite enjoyed it. I'm a long-time fantasy fan and I enjoy a good quest and wizard battle.

Morgorth is a self-proclaimed villainous wizard who has carved his castle out. He's friends more with the dangerous creatures who help guard his place and he has protective nature for the neighboring town. About the most villainous thing we really see him do is prank the villagers. In the middle of this, the town comes under a real attack.

Afterwards he meets Aishe, a warrior who has lost his entire tribe to the same sorcerer who attacked the town. Aishe has come to find Morgorth to help him track down the sorcerer so he can kill him. Morgorth isn't used to having a partner and isn't sure he wants to partner up.

Learning that Kayl, the sorcerer has a power stone and could be a monster with it, Morgorth joins Aishe's quest. Since this is both fantasy and romance, it's not a surprise the two men fall for each other.

What I really liked about it was that Morgorth knows he's not a skilled lover. He has a lot of intimacy issues (for good reasons the reader will learn slowly). that's a nice change from the master lovers you usually see in romances.

Aishe and Morgorth do fight a lot. Morgorth reminds me of Angel a little (from BtVS) always wanting to run off to 'protect' Aishe from him.

The battles are good and I did enjoy how it ended. The one thing I would have liked more of was a bit more description to go with all the different fantasy creature names because I wasn't sure what most of them looked like so I wanted a bit more world building there. Over all though, it was fun.