January 19th, 2015

Ranma 1/2 Volume 11 by Rumiko Takahashi

book 12: Ranma 1/2 Volume 11 by Rumiko Takahashi

Ugh...I read several volumes in a binge over a couple of days, and then I had company and got behind in posting them. It won't be tonight, since it's past my bedtime, but I apologize ahead of time when I do get a chance to sit down and get caught up on my recent reads. For today, I will at least get one done.

In this volume, Shampoo gets her hands on a soap that makes the user waterproof, meaning no changing species (or sex in Ranma's case) if hit by cold water. Ryoga accidentally gets a hold of it, and deciding he is magically cured, decides he can finally ask Akane to date him. Meanwhile Shampoo and Ranma scheme to get the soap for themselves while either encouraging and/or disrupting Akane and Ryoga's date. Next, Ranma ticks off Happosai and has a moxibustion put on him that makes him as weak as a baby. Enemies come out of the woodwork to defeat the impaired martial artist, but in addition to the usual supporters, Ranma finds an unlikely ally in the battle to regain his strength.

There were a couple of really cute episodes with Akane and Ranma in this one, which I just eat up. :)
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Postern of Number Tomboy

The Number Devil, by Hans Magnus Enzensberger
A playful, funny kid's book that reminded me of reading Martin Gardner in my youth, only a bit more straightforward and with a book-long through narrative. I enjoyed it and there is a nearly-11-year-old I know who will enjoy it even more (because these fun math tricks will truly be new to him, rather than nostalgia-tinged as they are for me).
(18, O11)

Tomboy, by Liz Prince
Practically perfect from stem to stern. Simple, compelling art, interesting episodes, and it had its hooks in me emotionally from the get-go.

Postern of Fate, by Agatha Christie
This was rather pointless in many ways, but so dang charming I didn't much mind. Purportedly a mystery novel about spies.
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