February 27th, 2015

lost in a book

Book 20: First Family by David Baldacci

Book 20: First Family (King and Maxwell #4).
Author: David Baldacci, 2009.
Genre: Political Thriller. Crime Fiction.
Other Details: ebook. 461 pages.

Camp David, USA. A birthday party turns into a nightmare when a child is snatched after the celebrations.The First Lady enlists the services of Sean King and Michelle Maxwell to bring the child home safely. But she and King share a past. Years ago he saved her then senator husband from political disaster. And this may not be all that passed between them. With Michelle still battling her own demons, the two are pushed to the limit, with forces aligned on all sides against them - and the line between friend and foe impossible to define . . . or defend. - synopsis from UK publisher;s website.

David Baldacci certainly knows how to spin a good yarn. Here he also is good at creating baddies who while not sympathetic certainly are complex enough with understandable motivations that cast them in shades of grey rather than being one dimensional.

This was a very enjoyable political thriller with plenty of unforeseen twists and an outcome that I didn't see coming. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.