May 26th, 2015


Book #23: Bible Delight by Christopher Ash

Number of pages: 208

Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm in the Bible, with 176 verses separated into sections based on the Hebrew alphabet. I also read it in its entirety last summer, and when a friend heard that I'd done this, she lent me this book which analyses and interprets the whole psalm.

I took a while to get through this, mostly because I started off doing weekly one to one sessions on it with a guy from my local church and was reading the book mainly at home.

I enjoyed it a lot, though. The writer takes one section of the psalm at a time and points out the recurring themes, including rescue from enemies (not surprising, as many of the psalms were written by the exiled King David), and remembering God's word and continually studying the Gospel.

The writer does a good job of pointing out repeated phrases in the psalm, and explaining what everything means to him. I would recommend this to anyone else with an interest in reading the Bible and understanding it more.

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