January 25th, 2016


Books # 4 & 5

John Thorndyke's Cases by R. Austin Freeman

This is the second book in the Dr Thorndyke series, which is actually a collection of short stories/novellas, and while the characters are not as strongly developed as they were in the first book, it still made for an enjoyable read. The mysteries are not overly puzzling, but Thorndyke and Jervis are excellent characters, and the scientifically crafted revelations are built on a solid foundation of logic. I am very impressed.

Crimson Shore by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

After fifteen books in the Agent Pendergast series, one might think these books would be getting stale already, but aside from a few minor issues such as the first few chapters reading more like a rough draft, this was really a phenomenal entry! Set in historic Massachusetts, it could not be a juicer mystery - a centuries old shipwreck which relates somehow to a recent theft, a coven of witches, a demonic force - and Agent Pendergast getting back into his usual idiosyncratic form.