June 13th, 2016

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Books 61-63

青の祓魔師 15 [Ao no Futsumashi 15] (Blue Exorcist, #15)青の祓魔師 15 [Ao no Futsumashi 15] by Kazue Kato

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one ties up Izumo's arc and she gets some closure in regards to their family. The next arc really hasn't started yet but that doesn't mean this one was slow by any means. However, it's next to impossible to review without major spoilers so all I'll say is it has major implications for Shima, Bon and their friends. Also there are some serious implications for Yukio and the hints of his own demonic blood popping up and Lucifer's interest in him. For the Rin fans, actually he's rather in the back seat for this volume (and he sort of makes an ass of himself when he is allowed to talk.)

Still a very good series with great art.

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Bloody Mary, Vol. 2Bloody Mary, Vol. 2 by Akaza Samamiya

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This one has some interesting ideas but seems to be more about the bishie art than anything else. And unfortunately as lovely as the boys are, it's hard to tell any of them apart sometimes (outside of Mary but he's wearing a cat hoodie). Even Takumi is occasionally hard to tell from Maria because his hair isn't as black as it should be. And why I say it seems to be more about the pretty boy art and hints of BL is the storyline wanders and the word balloons just float there and you have no idea who is supposed to be saying half the lines.

Maria is still looking into his father's research into vampires, especially after Mary discovers it's written in an ancient language but by Maria's father. He also knows Takumi and his family (servants of the Marias for generations) are hiding things from him. And it took a little while to remember (thank you chaotic story telling) that both Maria and Mary have giant holes in their memory but by the end both of them are wondering is Mary the vampire who killed Maria's father.

Of course it's hard to trust Mary's recovered memories as he's recovering them via torture thanks to Maria's immortal grandfather (he knows nothing about) and Mary's memories might have been buried due to his own guilt at the role he might have played in his father's death (however innocently it happened).

There are some good bits to this and the art is lovely and they still have no explanation for why Ichigo Maria is in high school but also a functioning priest (other than it's manga and we say so). However, at the cost of these volumes, this one is teetering on the edge for me.

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Chaika: The Coffin Princess, Vol. 2Chaika: The Coffin Princess, Vol. 2 by Ichirou Sakaki

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I like that Yen press is bringing so many manga to the States but I also fear that it's getting like Tokyo Pop right before they went bust. Bunches of new manga every month or so but never going beyond the first few volumes if they didn't sell. (At least Yen seems to be doing better with this) So what does that have to do with this manga? Nothing? Something. As in, this one seems a little weak. I've not seen the anime or the light novels. I think there is a good idea in here somewhere but I'm not sure I'm interested enough in the characters to find it.

It opens with the tragic story of why Toru becomes a saboteur as he relates the story to Chaika (winding it up with nearly being emasculated by his sister Akari. I'm really over all her incestuous remarks about Toru. I'm not sure if they really are brother and sister but her constant threats to his manhood if he even talks to Chaika are getting on my nerves)

They go to the castle to rescue what Chaika says is hers from the noble there but he's not giving it up easily and Toru quickly realizes the knight is gaining power from it. Akari goes with them reluctantly (she's not keen on helping a woman or someone she thinks wants her brother or whatever).

So the volume is one long fight scene with some plot tidbits tossed in. The older I get, the less this sort of thing appeals to me. It put me in mind of Bleach or Naruto. And just as they seem to succeed more competition for the item pops up and there's more fighting.

The art is nice. The story line isn't bad but this seems to be one I'd rather hunt down at the library than spend my money on.

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