September 14th, 2016


Book #44: The X-Files/30 Days of Night by Steve Niles, Adam Jones and Tom Mandrake

I was excited when I saw this crossover graphic novel in a shop, and immediately bought it. This was co-written by Steve Niles, who also co-created 30 Days of Night, a vampire movie set in the Arctic where it can remain dark for many days at a time at certain times of year; certainly a good setting for a vampire-based horror.

This story opens with the discovery of a group of decapitated truckers, which Mulder and Scully are called to investigate, much to the disgust of Special Agent French, the story's antagonist character, who has disliked Mulder since their days at the F.B.I.'s Quantico training academy.

The story gets pretty freakish and very gory quite fast, and very creepy. While I felt that I needed to watch the movie again to really get everything, I thought that it worked very well as an X-Files fan fiction. The story was written very well, with very good characterisation of the main characters, including Mulder's usual humour that features in even the bleakest of storylines. The art work by Tom Mandrake was also impressive, with some large images taking up one or two pages, containing a large amount of detail.

There were some very surreal characters in the plot, including a character who lost his arms and legs to the vampires, and another character who looked suspiciously like Davros from Doctor Who near the end, although my favorite moment was when an attack by the vampires turned seamlessly into a close up of a vampire movie that Mulder was watching on the TV.

Definitely worth giving it a go, although there are some things that would have maybe made more sense if I was more familiar with 30 Days of Night.

Next book: The Truth is Out There (Thomas Bertonneau and Kim Paffenroth)