December 5th, 2016



In Conservative Insurgency, Kurt Schlichter contemplates how eight years of Hillary Clinton excess leads to a restoration of constitutional principles, relatively peacefully.  But that doesn't give him much opportunity to write an action thriller with police chases and insurgency and counterinsurgency tactics or Tom Clancy stuff.  So he wrote People's Republic, in which an unspecified number of years of Hillary Clinton excess leads to a messy

Book Review No. 22 suggests it's an opportunity for the Tom Clancy stuff, plus a chance to have some fun at the expense of "a bunch of useless college professors, untalented artists, moronic movie stars, and San Francisco chardonnay sippers who think they can personally run every aspect of a country when they know absolutely nothing."  That's from chapter 14, read it yourself to find out who said it.  Or perhaps there's a more substantive message: the only thing more hazardous to dispossessed communities of color than a professional police force is a politically reliable police force, that goes Chekist when Comrade Nyetnyev says so.
Collapse )Perhaps, though, with Mr Trump winning, the talk of a separation, amicable or not, will originate on the coasts.  I hope it's all in fun.

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