December 22nd, 2016


Book #68: Ten Boom: Betsie, Promise of God by Mike Evans

Number of pages: 398

Betsie Ten Boom was responsible for rescuing many persecuted Jewish people during the holocaust, before eventually being betrayed to the Germans and dying in a prison camp.

This biographical novel opens with her upbringing and relationships with her family as the narrative inevitably leads up to the shocking events that took place during the Nazi rule. Author Mike Evans has written this from Betsie's point of view, and the events portrayed are not necessarily as they happened.

I did, however, find this book very engaging and very readable, and enjoyed reading about how her Christian faith kept her going. The ending is very sad, and I noticed that although I could tell that her death was imminent, the final paragraph was more positive, with Betsie trusting that whatever happened to her, God was in control.

I had never heard of the Ten Boom family before reading this e-book, but I thought this was a really good account.

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