May 4th, 2017


Book #24: Eyes Turned Skyward by Max Meyers

Number of pages: 260

Max Meyers is an Australian-born missionary, who spent 37 years in Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF); this book is made up of exerpts from two previous books he wrote, "Riding the Heavens" and "On the Wings of the Dawn", sort of like a "best bits" compilation.

The book opens with the story of how young Max had to miss a family holiday; to make up for it, his father took him in a plane, and he developed a love for flying. The next chapter tells of his experience in the Royal Australian Air Force, before he became a flying missionary working for MAF.

I enjoyed reading his stories of experiences on missionary work, including a story about manoevring a plane down a river in the middle of a jungle, and rescuing a man stranded at sea. I liked the way that he managed to compare all of his stories with a reference to the Bible, and how it reminded him of Jesus' mission.

I really enjoyed Meyers' storytelling, which was at times humourous; at one point, he mentioned how he was prevented from sleeping too deeply at night while out in the jungle because his snoring sounded too much like a male crocodile. Overall, a really good book.

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