January 15th, 2018


Book #2: Calm by Tim Parks

Number of pages: 97

This book (part of the Vintage Minis series) is adapted from Tim Parks' book, Teach us to Sit Still, and revolves around his time spent at a Buddhist retreat trying to learn how to meditate.

I don't really know a lot about meditation (the type he does here is Vipassana Meditation), but I enjoyed reading about Parks' experiences anyway, mostly because of his writing style. There were a few similarities to Bill Bryson, as Parks often uses humour, often being very self-deprecating in the process.

I found myself enjoying this from the first chapter where he talked about how he struggled to find inner peace while meditating, only to suddenly find it - but then, he immediately gets stressed out again.

Overall, this was an enjoyable book and I haven't decided yet if I would read Teach Us to Sit Still in its entirety; I'd definitely consider it.

Next book: Black House by Stephen King & Peter Straub