February 3rd, 2018

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Book 16

A Night Too Dark (Kate Shugak, #17)A Night Too Dark by Dana Stabenow

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The problem with being a book hoarder is I often tackle one box at a time so I end up reading some series out of order, like this one. I originally did it in order way back when before I kept lists and reviewed on places like this. So, I knew this one was much further along than any of the others I’ve read and I have to say while I liked it, this was no great shakes really. At book seventeen, it’s possible we’ve run the course.
What I didn’t like about this is sometimes it seems to wander over Kate’s everyday life. Sure it’s nice to see her with boyfriend (and state trooper) Jim Chopin or interacting with Old Sam and the other Park rats but it went on a bit long. Kate is now heading up the NNA board in her grandmother’s stead giving her quite a bit of power when it comes to tribal matters. On the other hand there are some things I honestly felt like could have been done in a much more abbreviated form, like the NNA meeting that went on for over twenty tedious pages (It was like being in a meeting which I already do enough of). At the end you can see we had to meet ever member because it’s going to come up in another book but still. This couldn’t have been done in a few paragraphs? Kate the board member is nowhere near as interesting as Kate the private investigator.

Even the mystery itself was weird and slow, taking literally half a year to solve (which okay that can certainly be accurate). A truck has been found in the woods with a suicide note in it. Typed so that’s suspicious. They find a bear eaten body so case close only Kate doesn’t think it is after going to the gold mine (which is a huge deal in this book and I suspect several others). After meeting the victim’s lady friend, Lydia, Kate isn’t so sure this is so cut and dry especially when other mine workers have gone missing, though the mine administrators are quick to blame that on the hard conditions and isolation. People just quit.

Kate isn’t convinced. She and Jim slowly pick at the case over weeks until it takes a weird bounce. It wasn’t a bad mystery but I’ve read others in this series I liked much better.

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