April 2nd, 2018


Books 11 - 20.

11. Flanders - The Year Of Less: How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings & Discovered...
Surprisingly not-irritating, and I did learn useful things out of it.

12. Pink - When: The Scientific Secrets Of Perfect Timing
Talking about when to start, and what matters in different situations.

13. Martin - In All Seasons, For All Reasons: Praying Throughout The Year
Slim but useful, though one entry could've been put a bit differently.

14. Barberich & Gelardi - Refinery29: Style Stalking
Works the best if you're a womanly woman with interest in getting attention for your good taste in style.

15. Martin - Seven Last Words: An Invitation To A Deeper Friendship With Jesus
Have read on this theme before, but this another author does it very well.

16. Gracián - The Pocket Oracle & The Art Of Prudence (English translation)
For those who have read their Machiavelli and Sun Tzu, perhaps even "Book Of The Courtier". A slightly surprising twist at the end.

17. Grant (transl.) - Daughters Of Emptiness: Poems Of Chinese Buddhist Nuns (English translation)
Good adding to our understanding of the female POV to Buddhism, and good poetry, too.

18. Márquez - One Hundred Years Of Solitude (English translation)
It helps to keep a bookmark on the family-tree page, but I wasn't confused much anyway. A great experience.

19. Sappho - Stung With Love: Poems & Fragments (English translation)
I've read her before, but this adds even the latest fragment finds from 5 years ago.

20. Martin - Jesus: A Pilgrimage
Shows how visiting the places in person can expand your feel of the place; also learned new things about the Gospels and such. Even if one doesn't ever personally go, this author did the good work for us. Well worth it.
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