July 14th, 2018



Venture capitalist B. C. Gibney, whose money is in a number of information technology based services, whether of the social network, transportation and tourism, or financial sort, is also no fan of the Baby Boomers.  His A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America uses passages from psychiatry's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual to introduce the various elements of his argument.  It's difficult for me to write Book Review No. 17 without making some references to my formative years, which were precisely when Benjamin Spock's Baby and Child Care was the go-to advice for seemingly everybody, and seemingly everybody's parents had memories of a difficult era of depression and war and wanted to spare their kids from all those travails.  Thus the cheerful Christmas songs of the era, and the optimism of much of broadcast television, and the dawning consciousness among some of the young people that perhaps the modest comforts they enjoyed were being purchased by the suffering of invisible Others.
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