August 7th, 2018

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Book 89

Chasing the Green Fairy (The Airship Racing Chronicles, #2)Chasing the Green Fairy by Melanie Karsak

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had very mixed feelings about this one. To be honest, if it was just another race book I probably would have been bored. I didn't mind the race being broken up by something else. In fact, the race was only a frame in many ways. To Lily's horror, someone has stolen the Stargazer's fancy new engine and the racing officials are trying to price the average airship pilot out of the grand prix, leaving it to the wealthy only. As if that wasn't trying enough for her sobriety, she gets word that Lord Byron is gravely sick in Greece.

In spite of theoretically being in love with Sal (her mechanic), she flies off to Bryon's side and a huge chunk of the book is dedicated to this love triangle part of the book. It wasn't really working for me. It dragged on a bit too long. I could handle it slightly altering of what really happened to Bryon (not by much) but it wasn't holding my attention.

Her inheritance from Byron was interesting. Secret societies, the Good Neighbors and all their dangers, Byron's half fae son. I did like this part and while I was sympathetic about Lily diving back into absinthe and opium, she does so much of it, I'm not sure how she's alive.

Finally she remembers the race, goes home, back to Sal and the race itself was exciting. However, this felt like it was a filler or a prelude to a steampunk-urban fantasy mash up with the faeries and the secret society Bryon leaves to her, than it did a true stand alone story.

Deepening the mixed feelings is the fact that in the years it took me to dust this off and read it, that the next book isn't out after four years. I don't know why but that is disappointing.

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