January 1st, 2019


Books 91 - 100.

91. King - Letter From Birmingham Jail/The Three Dimensions Of A Complete Life
He really could write. One black rights, one religion text, quick read.

92. Ta Hsueh & Chung Yung (The Highest Order Of Cultivation & On The Practice Of The Mean (English translation)
Two of the great-four of Confucian writing. I think the first book was my favorite, and the translation was good.

93. Pope Francis & Spadaro - Open To God, Open To The World (English translation)
A view on what happens when the Pope goes traveling: conversations, answering questions; something for everyone.

94. Miranda & Sun - Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks For Me & You
This book is a good friend who always believes in you, wants the best for you, and is always in awe of you being you. Quick reads that inspire.

95. Clayton - Chronicle Of The Pharaohs: The Reign-By-Reign Record Of The Rulers & Dynasties Of Ancient Egypt
Some infromation may have come up after this book was written, but this still gives you a good view to how things rose, were great, and fell - just like with other great countries like this, then and now.

96. Garcia & Miralles - Ikigai: The Japanese Secret To A Long & Happy Life (English translation)
More than just about ikigai; things connected to it, and about a certain Okinawan village also.

97. Majzlik - A Vegan Taste Of India
A bunch of good recipes, though you really do miss having photos here (there is none).

98. Ford - Theology: A Very Short Introduction
It might be a light skim, but you do get a view into it. Christianity used as the example-religion, apples as another (*lol*).

99. Flintoff - How To Change The World
You might think you're too little, and can't change enough, but this might give you courage and certainly some ideas (see list at the end of this book).

100. Norwich - Byzantium: The Early Centuries
Impressive and thorough view into the earlier times of the empire; I will continue reading this trilogy...
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Book 7 - 2017

Book 7: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty – 470 pages

Description from bookdepository.co.uk:

Perfect family, perfect house, perfect life; Jane, Madeline and Celeste have it all ... or do they? They are about to find out just how easy it is for one little lie to spiral out of control.


When Liane Moriarty first came out, I read every book she wrote (this was years ago). At some point, I either forgot about her, or missed that she’d realised like five more books and gone international (I always liked the fact that all her books were authentically Australian without ramming the Australian-ness down your throat like so many Aussie authors do). I can’t remember if I’d heard about the Big Little Lies TV show before or after I bought this book, but I actually didn’t read it till my Mum did. Driving to the beach, Mum read the first chapter to me in the car. We laughed so much - we’d never heard something so authentic to our own experiences at an Australian school. Mum finished the book before me, and then as I worked my way through it, trying desperately to work out just what had happened, she did something uncharacteristic - refused to spoil it for me! That in of itself was a testament to Moriarty’s storytelling! Anyway, long story short, I loved this book. And I know the TV series is lauded (and I certainly enjoyed it), but the book is better (I also hate that they had to make it American - the aforementioned Australian-ness is part of its charm - it kind of feels like taking the English out of Harry Potter!). Funny, poignant, real, it deals with a number of really big issues in a very human way. In this case, the hype is deserved! A must-read.

7 / 50 books. 14% done!

2135 / 15000 pages. 14% done!

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