January 2nd, 2019


Book #1 (2019): Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

Number of pages: 251

Another Harry Potter re-read; I've seen this one slammed online as the worst in the series, but can't really see why.

Reading the first few chapters reminded me why I initially found Dobby annoying, because when he first appears he gets Harry into trouble, which results in the Dursleys confining him to his room, until Ron and his brothers come to the rescue.

Gilderoy Lockhart and his narcissism provide most of the book's comedy moments, and I was surprised at all the things I'd forgotten, including the creepy voice that Harry keeps hearing throughout the book, leading to the revelation that he's a parseltongue (building on the reptile house incident from the first book).

I really liked the mystery that got set up in this book with characters being found petrified, and when I first read the book I did not guess the truth.

Next book: 2061: Odyssey Three (Arthur C. Clarke)