March 24th, 2019


Books 1 - 10.

1. Hall - The Well Of Loneliness
Reading this is like wading through soft toffee - you both enjoy and find it slow going.

2. Jaffrey - Curry Easy Vegetarian
Very delicious recipes.

3. Lu - Warcross
Great read, yet after reading review for the next book I'll leave reading the series at this.

4. Foulcher - Reclaiming Humility: Four Studies In The Monastic Tradition
Very interesting, even though I don't know about reclaiming...

5. M.Miller - The Song Of Achilles
You feel like you're there; all the emotions!

6. Kondo - Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide To The Japanese Art Of Tidying
I chose this over the other, more read one; good variety of folding techniques (incl. for more challenging shapes), and perhaps more 'normal'.

7. Mansfield - The Collected Stories
If you want 'all' instead of 'selected', this is a good choice.

8. Bolz-Weber - Accidental Saints: Finding God In All The Wrong People
More life-experiences, with great points and lessons.

9. M.Shelley - The Last Man
The first half has mostly romance and the plague doesn't start until halfway, yet after that you start to see the book's worthiness. Nice imagery too.

10. Ingram - Eat Your Heart Out
Clearly the author's fantasy, yet real and fun also. Felt a bit short IMO.
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