August 2nd, 2019



Newspaper columnist Bob Greene recently recognized that the people of North Platte, Nebraska, knew what to do when a few buses of hungry troops enroute from training to their base were passing through.

He previously documented the World War II canteen in Once Upon a Town: The Miracle of the North Platte CanteenBook Review No. 7 will suggest that there are two themes at play in the book.

The first theme, which was more easily done just after the turn of the current century, was the recollections of canteen volunteers, railroaders, and the G.I.s who stopped off.  The origin of the canteen would be hokey if somebody in Hollywood produced it: local residents were under the impression that a train-load of Nebraska National Guard, having been mobilized after Pearl Harbor, would be passing through North Platte on Christmas, and perhaps they would appreciate some extra food and good cheer enroute to their next duty station.
Collapse )Mr Greene concludes with a few recollections of life during Depression and War: in some ways better, in many ways not as good, as contemporary living is.

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July 2019 reading

July 2019 reading:

62. Spice & Wolf: Volume 17, by Isuna Hasekura (224 pages)
This offered a really satisfying and adorable conclusion to the series, though I look forward to the further shorts.

63. Hammered, by Kevin Hearne (312 pages)
Atticus owes his vampire friend a boon, and it's taken in the form of aid in killing Thor. As it turns out, there are allies who desire Thor's death as well, and all of them intend to band together to invade Asgard and make it so. But Atticus already kicked the hornet's nest with his survey foray last time, so it's going to be even more difficult this time around. Honestly, this one had me laughing out loud several times.

64. Magic on the Line, by Devon Monk (345 pages)
People are dying in Portland on an unknown magical illness--like magic is infecting them. Worse, the Authority doesn't care. Allie, though, does. And it might get her and everyone she loves killed. It'll definitely piss off an Authority that isn't used to being disobeyed.

65. Forward: 21st Century Flash Fiction, edited by Megan Giddings (174 pages)
I managed to forget I preordered this. What a lovely surprise in my mail! So many wonderful pieces of flash fiction. Glad I picked this one up.

66. A Wizard of Earthsea, by Ursula K. Le Guin (183 pages)
Been on my to-read list for a very long time, so I picked it up during a bout of insomnia and was transported. I absolutely loved this book and the journey it took me on.

67. Storm Cursed, by Patricia Briggs (368 pages)
Mercy's had to put her money where her mouth is after declaring the area protected. Some paranormal folks are hoping to capitalize on it, and in the ugliest ways. But worse, there's a threat from within their own ranks, a feud and a lie that must be put down.

68. Tricked, by Kevin Hearne (341 pages)
As fallout from the last book, Atticus must fake his death, with some help from Coyote. But when it comes to deals, Coyote always takes more than is agreed to. He's put Atticus into a position that requires he take down Wendigos. Worse, Atticus has accidentally unleashed Hel, who wishes to bring about Ragnarok. And someone who he's supposed to be able to trust turns betrayer. What a life the world's last druid lives!

69. City of Bastards, by Andrew Shvarts (377 pages)
Tilla thought she'd be happy in Lightspire, but instead she finds herself unsettled. It only worsens when her roommate is murdered. Looking into it, she finds a rabbit hole of a plot that might bring down the entire world. Her friends are keeping their own secrets, as well. Can they survive what's coming? Great read.

70. The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 5, by Aneko Yusagi (400 pages)
Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo travel to take advantage of an event that will allow them to progress in experience after their limits are lifted finally. They find themselves making fast friends with another party, but that party isn't what it seems. Good read. More interaction with the other heroes.

71. Lightfinder, by Aaron Paquette (240 pages)
Although this was sometimes awkwardly written, I absolutely loved it and the mythos it brought to life. Looking forward to reading more.

72. Feed, by Mira Grant (599 pages)
In a world following a zombie plague, adopted siblings Georgia and Shaun Mason are bloggers, bringing the news to life. The corporate media lost face during the zombie plague, hiding the truth and leading to unnecessary deaths, and so bloggers have become more trusted in this version of America. When the Masons are chosen to cover a presidential candidate, it's the opportunity to break away from their parents and make it on their own. Little do they know, they're really covering something much, much bigger.

July pages: 3,563

Pages to date: 22,395 pages


July 2019 comic books & manga:

150. DMZ: Volume 10, by Brian Wood (128 pages)
151. Otomen: Volume 17, by Aya Kanno (192 pages)
152. Otomen: Volume 18, by Aya Kanno (200 pages)
153. Dawn of the Arcana: Volume 5, by Rei Toma (184 pages)
154. Justice League Beyond: In Gods We Trust, by Derek Fridolfs (208 pages)
155. Ooku The Inner Chambers: Volume 14, by Fumi Yoshinaga (232 pages)
156. Wonder Woman: Volume 9, by Meredith Finch (176 pages)
157. Barefoot Gen: Volume 3, by Keiji Nakazawa (257 pages)
158. Moon Knight: Volume 2, by Brian Michael Bendis (112 pages)
159. Stepping on Roses: Volume 7, by Rinko Ueda (200 pages)
160. Hana-Kimi: Volume 5, by Hisaya Nakajo (188 pages)
161. March Story: Volume 3, by Kim Hyung-Min (200 pages)
162. Bokurano Ours: Volume 2, by Mohiro Kitoh (216 pages)
163. Pet Shop of Horrors: Volume 4, by Matsuri Akino (216 pages)
164. Monster: Volume 5, by Naoki Urasawa (208 pages)
165. Crossed: Volume 13, by David Hine (144 pages)
166. Stepping on Roses: Volume 8, by Rinko Ueda (200 pages)
167. Stepping on Roses: Volume 9, by Rinko Ueda (200 pages)
168. March Story: Volume 4, by Kim Hyung-Min (192 pages)
169. Saga: Volume 9, by Brian K. Vaughan (152 pages)
170. High School Debut: Volume 8, by Kazune Kawahara (192 pages)
171. Ms. Marvel: Volume 10, by G. Willow Wilson (216 pages)
172. Pet Shop of Horrors: Volume 5, by Matsuri Akino (224 pages)
173. Tokyo Babylon: Volume 3, by Clamp (142 pages)
174. March Story: Volume 5, by Kim Hyung-Min (192 pages)
175. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Volume 4, by Fuse (192 pages)
176. Dawn of the Arcana: Volume 6, by Rei Toma (184 pages)
177. Chobits: Volume 2, by Clamp (176 pages)
178. Ooku The Inner Chambers: Volume 15, by Fumi Yoshinaga (256 pages)
179. Video Girl Ai: Volume 12, by Masakazu Katsura (192 pages)
180. Blue Exorcist: Volume 16, by Kazue Kato (218 pages)
181. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Homura's Revenge: Volume 1, by Magica Quartet (176 pages)
182. Bokurano Ours: Volume 3, by Mohiro Kitoh (200 pages)
183. Honey and Clover: Volume 6, by Chica Umino (200 pages)
184. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Volume 4, by Brandon Montclare (136 pages)
185. Hana-Kimi: Volume 6, by Hisaya Nakajo (192 pages)
186. Monster: Volume 6, by Naoki Urasawa (208 pages)

July pages: 7,101

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