August 22nd, 2019


Books 50 and 51

50. Becoming by Michelle Obama
Charming memoir about her life from grade school to 2017, from South Side Chicago to Washington DC, from middle-class upbringing to First Lady of the United States. She talks about working hard, loving her family, and learning to “swerve.” The audiobook version is read by the author, and it’s like sitting down and having a conversation with her. This is the December selection for book club. Finished 19 August.
51. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
A young girl living by a marsh in North Carolina is left to raise herself after her family falls apart. She avoids most of the local townspeople who harass her and call her trash and spends her days studying the marsh and eking out a meager living trading fish and mussels for fuel and groceries. As a young woman she attracts the attention of two young men in the town, and trouble ensues. The writing is very atmospheric, the characters are believable, and the story is intriguing – though it’s sometimes a little slow and occasionally veers toward the cliché. This is the November selection for book club, so I’m caught up there for the next six months! Finished 20 August.