August 29th, 2019



John Judis followed up his short reader on populism with another short reader, The Nationalist Revival: Trade, Immigration, and the Revolt Against Globalization, which provides Book Review No. 10 to close out this month.  (That's right, dear reader, long weekend, no classes to prepare for, no reason to be working on the internet.  See you in September.)  It's not explicitly about a Trump presidency or about Britain getting out of the European Union, although those events influence his thinking.  As does his membership in the Credentialed Establishment.
Collapse )There's more, much more, to Mr Judis's lament about the Trump presidency, page 118, than meets the eye.  "Trump also appeared to recognize that some of the global and regional institutions created after World War II had lost their way; but instead of attempting to revive or reform them, he largely eschewed alliances and international organizations in favor of the singular exercise of power."

Lost their way?  Over a hundred thousand American and allied troops dead "containing Communism" and there's still a Korean armistice and a notionally Communist Vietnam that has its own reasons for wanting China to be contained, while none of those alliances and organizations could prevent the reimposition of Socialist Orthodoxy in Hungary or Czechoslovakia or protect a single Tibetan or Uighur?  Thousands of American and allied troops dead "containing terrorism," and Afghanistan still better understood as a stateless territory?  Perhaps, as Mr Judis concedes commencing at page 140, that old order was flawed, and working better for the cosmopolitans than it was for others, including standard-issue "liberals" of the Rooseveltian flavor.

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