September 20th, 2019


Book #46: Kim by Rudyard Kipling

Number of pages: 422

This is a book that I'd been keen to read for the last few years, having resisted it when I was younger. The main plot involves characters who are on a pilgrimage across India to find a river that apparently cleanses people of their sins.

The only problem was, I found this book really difficult - I found the writing to be very dense, and the dialogue very rambling, with all the characters speaking in King James English.

It also hasn't aged well since it was written in 1901, as there is some racism, including Kim dying his skin brown and wearing a turban at one point so that he looks like he's from India.

It probably is a book that's worth reading, but don't expect to be able to follow the plot very well; I don't think I'll be rushing back to read this one.

Next book: The Girl in the Spider's Web (David Lagercrantz)