October 31st, 2019


Book #51: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

Number of pages: 607

I just finished reading the entire Harry Potter series again; I didn't find this final instalment quite as good as I remembered it, but still preferred it over the previous book.

I liked the fact that J.K. decided to shake up the format by taking Harry, Hermione and Ron outside of Hogwarts for most of the book, as they went searching for horcruxes, but at times it felt like the plot really dragged until they returned to Hogwarts for the climactic battle.

There were also character deaths, including some that I'd completely forgotten about, and also the big plot twist during the pensieve sequence when you see events from throughout Harry's life (including several from the last two novels) from a point of view other than Harry's. Most of the revelations did not surprise me, but it definitely gave me more of an appreciation of a certain character.

I was glad I re-read the books again, and would maybe do it again in several years' time.

Next book: The Shepherd's Crown (Terry Pratchett)