January 15th, 2020


Book #2: The Girl Who Lived Twice by David Lagercrantz

Number of pages: 368

The sixth book in the Millennium series starts with the death of a tramp, who for some reason has Mikael Blomkvist's phone number in his pocket. Inevitably, it is suspected that this was a murder, which gets connected to a tragic 2008 mission to Mount Everest. There's also a sequence at the start where Salander launches an attack on a party for a corrupt businessman by sabotaging the sound systems, although it has very little connection with the rest of the book.

Most of the regular series characters appear in this book, and it feels completely different to the previous two books, as it feels like a more straightforward murder mystery thriller.

I found this to be the most straightforward of David Lagercrantz's Millennium books so far, despite the fact that it went into flashbacks a lot. At times, the truth felt a bit guessable, but there were some surprises too. I noticed Blomkvist and Salander both ended up with new romantic interests as well.

I noticed that the theme of mental health got brought up, mostly because of the suggestion that the dead tramp at the start had been hearing voices. The main plot did neatly connect to the developing backstory involving Salander's family, and there was a very thrilling final scene. The book managed to tie up some loose plot threads, while hinting at what might happen in the seventh novel, which I'll definitely read. I'm hoping it will have more of Erika Berger, who has been reduced to a small role in the last few titles.

Overall, my favourite out of all the books in the series written after Stieg Larsson died.

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