November 2nd, 2020


Books 41 - 50.

41. Lin-Liu - Serve The People: A Stir-Fried Journey Through China
Training and working in restaurant business in China, all its ups and downs. Interesting.

42. Handke - The Left-Handed Woman (English translation)
Haven't seen the movie, but the story is movie-like.

43. Schiff - Cleopatra: A Life
Brains, not beauty - that's the truth.

44. J.Wray - Godsend
How a mistake of youth has consequences hard to walk away from.

45. Dante - Vita Nuova (English translation)
Rather sweet story with poems, inspiring later 'Divine Comedy'.

46. Tan - The Joy Luck Club
The best, the classic, and deeper than one might think at first.

47. Moshfegh - Eileen
How sudden changes came improve your life, and get you out of town better than you could've planned.

48. Murata - Convenience Store Woman (English translation)
About shrugging off expectations and choosing a path that makes you happy.

49. Rijneveld - The Discomfort Of Evening (English translation)
A story that some might find hard to tolerate; dealing with grief in unhealthy ways.

50. K.Walker - The Age Of Miracles
What if the earth slowly slows down, what are the consequences, and what can you do when doom is unavoidable? Great view into this.
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