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I have added another twelve book reviews to the 50 Book Challenge for 2006. The first eight are indexed at Cold Spring Shops or European Tribune or the 50 Book Challenge site.

    9. David Haward Bain, The Old Iron Road, 14 April 2006.
    10. Mary Evans, Killing Thinking, 18 April 2006.
    11. Alvin Kernan, The Unknown Battle of Midway, 20 April 2006.
    12. Jonathan Parshall and Anthony Tully, Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway, 23 April 2006.
    13. Jennifer Washburn, University, Inc.: The Corporate Corruption of Higher Education, 18 May 2006.
    14. Richard H. Hersh and John Merrow, eds., Declining by Degrees, 21 May 2006.
    15. Dan Brown, The DaVinci Code, and
    16. Simon Cox, Cracking the DaVinci Code, 31 May 2006.
    17. Catherine Merridale, Ivan's War, 7 June 2006.
    18. Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, The Book of Hiram, 9 June 2006.
    19. Michael Schumacher, Mighty Fitz, 17 June 2006.
    20. John McPhee, Uncommon Carriers, 22 June 2006.

I managed to read a few more books on the recent road trip, and expect to offer a few more reviews in the next week or so. (Cross-posted at Cold Spring Shops and European Tribune.)

The bookworm has some more segments.

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