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About a month ago I sent my boyfriend in my stead to the library's annual ten-cent paperback sale. I'd just started a new job and wasn't secure enough in my position yet to announce to my employers that I had to leave early in order to buy cheap books, so I just sent Chris.

"If you see anything you even THINK I might possibly even a little bit like, get it for me," I told him, "After all, it's only ten cents, so if I hate it, we just donate it back to the library and they put it in next year's paperback sale."

He came back with a dictionary (for Scrabble), a book on Dianetics (for figuring out what's up with Scientology anyway, he likes to know what's up with weird religions), a book on Anarchy (he also likes to know what's up with weird political philosophy) and Conan the Avenger (guess what Boyfriend's favorite movie is).

Books for me? Not so much.

However, that IS how I got ahold of Conan the Avenger by Robert E. Howard, Bjorn Nyberg and L. Sprague De Camp. (I think Howard killed himself before he finished it and the other two finished it for him), which I just this minute finished reading. It is, the introduction informs me, the ninth or tenth book in a series, so I suppose it's quite a ways after the movies.

ANYWAY, Conan has, by this time, settled down to being a king and EVEN has managed to get over the death of the nice lady from the first movie and has married another nice lady, who promptly gets carried off by some bat-winged creature (I picture it rather like that thing in Army of Darkness). Conan isn't the sort of guy to stand for that, so he borrows a magic ring from his wizard friend, tells everyone to pick a new king if he's not back in two years, and sets out to get his wife back. Most of the rest of the book is about Conan smashing things, mostly people, but sometimes doors. Along the way he runs into a hell of a lot of people that I suppose were in the preceeding eight or nine volumes, the bad ones turn up just in time to be killed, the good ones to help him escape or storm whatever castle needs storming at the moment. Traveling across the wilderness with Conan must be very like going anywhere with my boyfriend's mother, neither can seem to go two feet without running into SOME dear friend or other. He also rescues two EXTREMELY nice ladies who are VERY grateful afterwards in a sort of way that I doubt he'd tell his wife about (or maybe he did, maybe times were different enough back then).

He arrives In The Nick of Time to rescue his wife, who's about to be sacrificed by some guy who was supposed to be the most dangerous guy ever, but, once Conan gets there, doesn't seem so tough. The fact that he gets there as the knife is about to be plunged into her breast after MONTHS of traveling is not terribly believable but, I suppose, one doesn't read Conan books for believability.

Anyway, I liked it an awful lot.

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