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2007 Books

Hope I'm not running afoul of the community's new posting guidelines here. These are the books I read this year, with links to reactions on my blog where applicable. My goal was to post a reaction for every book I read, but I didn't quite manage it -- I only have comments for about half of these books. If you have any questions about the others, just ask!

By genre:

  • Robertson Davies, The Manticore (sequel to "Fifth Business", main character discusses events of the previous book with a psychiatrist)
  • Edwidge Danticat, The Dew Breaker (Haitian immigrants in the US)
  • Dubravka Ugresic, The Ministry of Pain (Yugoslav exiles in Amsterdam)
  • Upamanyu Chatterjee, English, August (about an unhappy, unambitious officer of the IAS (India Administrative Service))
  • Celestine Vaite, Taire in Bloom (set in Tahiti, sequel to "Breadfruit" and "Frangipani")
  • Paulo Coelho, THe Alchemist (philosophical re-telling of a story from the Arabian Nights)
  • Jean Webster, Daddy Long Legs (women's college scholarship student writes letters to her mysterious sponsor)
  • Kazuo Ishiguro, When We Were Orphans ("detective" novel set in Hong Kong on the eve of WWII)
  • Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being (sympathetic portrayal of a sociopath doctor in Prague, sort-of love story, eventually some politics)
  • Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart (beautiful language, short and easy book, pre-colonial Africa)
  • Alice McDermott, A Bigamist's Daughter (set in NYC, sociopath main character works at a vanity press)
  • John le Carre, The Looking-Glass War (Cold War-era spy novel)

Total: 12


Total: 4

  • Caleb Carr, The Italian Secretary (Sherlock Holmes mystery)
  • Caleb Carr, The Alienist (1900 NYC, detective is a psychoanalyst)
  • Dorothy Sayers, Lord Peter (collection of Peter Whimsey short stories)
  • Dorothy Sayers, Murder Must Advertise (Lord Peter undercover at an ad agency)
  • Dorothy Sayers, Strong Poison (Lord Peter defending mystery writer/future love interest Harriet Vane)
  • Agatha Christie, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (still haven't forgiven the person who spoiled me for this)

Total: 6

  • Ursula LeGuin, Earthsea
  • Ursula LeGuin, The Tombs of Atuan (second in Earthsea series)
  • Ursula LeGuin, The Farthest Shore (third in Earthsea series)
  • Fuyumi Ono, The Sea of Shadow (light novel, first in Twelve Kingdoms series)
  • Tamora Pierce, The Will of the Empress (YA, Circle Opens series)
  • Lemony Snickett, The End (YA, final book in Unfortunate Events series)
  • Diana Wynne Jones, Conrad's Fate (YA, fifth in Chrestomanci series)
  • Diana Wynne Jones, The Pinhoe Egg (YA, sixth in Chrestomanci series)
  • Diana Wynn Jones, Unexpected Magic (collected short stories, includes the novella Everard's Ride)
  • Diane Duanne, Wizards at War (YA, Young Wizards series)
  • Paticia Wrede and Caroline Stevemer, The Mislaid Magician (third in Cecilia series)
  • JK Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (YA, seventh (final) in series)
  • Naomi Mitchison, Travel Light (fast, easy and inventive, draws from fairytales)
  • Naomi Novik, Empire of Ivory (fourth in Temeraire series)
  • Guy Gavrial Kay, The Lions of Al-Rassan (Moorish Spain with the names changed, very little fantasy)
  • Takabayashi Tomo, Kyou Kara MA no Tsuku Jiyuugyou! (light novel, first in series, translated here. hilarious!)

Total: 16

  • Tanith Lee, The Book of the Damned (Paradys series, alternate reality Gothic Paris in various time periods)
  • Tanith Lee, The Book of the Beast (same)
  • Tanith Lee, The Book of the Dead (same)
  • Tanith Lee, The Book of the Mad (same)

Total: 4


Total: 4

  • Abe Ignacio, The Forbidden Book (Philippine political cartoons)
  • Ruth Rosen, World Split Open (cultural history of American feminism)
  • Mary Roach, Stiff (survey of the uses of dead bodies, newsreporter style)
  • William Finnegan, Cold New World (portraits of struggling teenagers in New Haven, East Texas, Washington state, and northern Los Angeles)
  • Bruce Schulman, The Seventies (US cultural history overview of the decade)
  • Stuart Creighton Miller, "Benevolent Assimilation" (Philippine-American War 1899-1903)
  • John A. Larkin, Sugar and the Origins of Modern Philippine Society (what the title says)
  • Michael Cullinane, Illustrado Politics (extremely dry who's who for Philippine politics 1880-1930)
  • Benedict J. Kerkvliet, The Huk Rebellion (classic counter-history originally published in 1977)
  • Michael Kennedy, Cultural Formulations of Post-Communism (my professor wrote this. has good interviews but the analysis is confused, not recommended)
  • Jill Quadagno, One Nation, Uninsured (cultural history of the US health-care system)
  • William H. Chafe, Civilities and Civil Rights (civil rights movement in Greensboro, North Carolina)
  • Glenn Altshuler, All Shook Up (subtitle: How Rock and Roll Changed America0
  • Tom Engleheart, The End of Victory Culture (US cultural history)

Total: 14

  • Les Standiford, Last Train to Paradise ("great men" history of the Florida railroad)
  • Daniel Brook, The Trap (subtitle: "selling out to stay afloat in winner-take-all america")
  • Babara Walroff, Word Court (reprint of Atlantic Monthly columns on grammar)
  • Robert Angell, Let Me Finish (author's memoirs)
  • David Kamp, The United States of Arugula (history of gourmet/organic food in the US)

Total: 5

  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure vol 1-2 (Araki Hirohito)
  • Land of the Blindfolded vol 1-2, 7-8 (Tsukaba Sakura)
  • Pearl Pink vol 1-3 (Meca Tanaka)
  • Scott Pilgrim vol 4 (Bryan Lee O'Malley)
  • Mushishi vol 1-2 (Urushibara Yuki)
  • Cantarella vol 4-8 (Higuri You)
  • Vampire Knight vol 1-3 (Hino Matsuri)
  • Petshop of Horrors vol 1-3 (Akino Matsuri)

Total: 23

Grand total: 78 (55 books and 23 graphic novels)

Made the 50 book challenge!

For fun, here's my 2006 list.
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